Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Song of the Day: Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Amy Winehouse - Rehab
from the album Back to Black

I know that she's getting hot right now, and some would bitch that I'm putting her up - or at least, this song, since it's hot and getting a lot of play right now - as my Song of the Day...but what are ya gonna do, kids, tell on me? Besides, its fuckers like myself - but the disc jockeys like I used to be, who have actual radio shows, not the bloggers who I am now, that got the song hot in the first place...I'm just doing the same thing, in written form.

All I know is that I love this song and...well...if I say it's poignant, for me as a person, does that make me sound like I have some issues to address?

You can make that call yourself.

Woman's got a smokin' voice and a strong heart. And balls.

If only they all sounded like that...not that American Idol bullshit. Jesus Christ, I put the TV on and see these pathetic bastards who are supposed to be representing what is The Music of Today...and I see Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul snorting lines of what's left of some performer's pride and My Patience off Ryan Seacrest's and Randy Jackson's collective untalented asses and I want to put a fucking bullet in my head.

Because this is a "hot" song right now, this song will be up for a limited time...because I don't want Republic coming down on my ass...but as I have posted off to the left side nav bar, and I can say it again: IF ANY ARTIST DOESN'T WANT ME USING THEIR MP3 AS A SONG OF THE DAY, JUST EMAIL ME.

I'm a nice gal. I'll take it down.


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