Friday, September 28, 2007

Song of the Day: George Michael - Freedom (Bonus Video As Well!)

George Michael - Freedom
from the album Listen Without Prejudice

I have also included the music video, HERE,
a juicy bit of yum yum that an old pal sent me. I love it.

I was having a conversation with Rosie the other day about George Michael.

He is, without a doubt, an interesting character - but also an influential character for so many. Think about it: he was one of the first Pop stars to come Out - and that's what this song is all about...the Freedom to be who you want to be without the chains of the industry binding you. Think about all the teens and adults he affected, who he encouraged to be who they needed to be? He's considered so complex to his own circle; they all adore him, but all shake their heads...I think part of this stems from the fact that he is actually a brilliant singer, songwriter and composer - gifted, actually; and that he is also considered to be a Bad Boy of the music industry.

We're talking about a man who was picked up in men's restrooms having sex with strangers - a Pop Star who just said "Fuck it. I wanna get laid!" and did whatever he wanted to do. He's had DUI's. He's gotten high.

Basically, he's done what many other rock stars have done except that he was saying "Oh, and by they way - I'm GAY." -- And that really does make a difference, doesn't it? In today's society, still? Even in the music industry, amongst its own circles?

I have a lot of respect for him - and I could care less about what sex and drugs he does because they ALL have done them, he just admits it - and is open about the fact that he's not straight.

All I know is this: when I am down, I listen to this song. When I have needed to get over relationships, I listen to this song. While I have been trying to lose the 35 pounds that I recently lost over the past 6 months, I listened to this song every time at the gym as I hit the last bit of my cardio.

So my hat's off to you, George.


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