Thursday, September 20, 2007

Song of the Day: Supertramp - The Logical Song


Supertramp - The Logical Song

from the album Breakfast in America

I remember that even as a 7 year old, I had questions about life that lots of other seven-year-olds did not fancy about. I was a precocious child, overweight, who spent more time alone reading and listening to music and talking to imaginary friends and dolls than other children. I remember listening to this on the radio - and since this was out in '79, and it was playing a lot, I must have been seven when I started listening to it. However, at least in NYC, there was a station I listened to when I was 10-12 that also played it frequently; perhaps the DJ was being indulgent and really dug on Supertramp or this song. I dunno.

I DO know this: this song resonated with me. I would record it off the radio onto my tape deck and then play it over and over, singing along in the mirror. The words "I know it sounds absurd...but please tell me who I am! Who I am! Who I am!" were so important to me...for they lay at the foundation of all my questions: why I felt I was different than so many of the other kids; why I had so many questions about life; why I felt like I was on a different path out in the Twilight Zone with only Rod Serling for a guide.

The only difference between then and now is that I have many friends and acquaintances, and my imaginary friends I use in my acting. I am no longer fat (thank you, Nutrisystem), and I enjoy the company of people as much as being alone.
But my questions about who I am? and what the fuck am I doing here? remain the same - and always will, I assume; and going back to the journey I'm on right now, that I have been discussing as of late while I try to wax philosophical on numerous amounts of bullshit on this blog (and lately it is during the Song of the Day, go figure) I think this song is as poignant for me today as it was when I was standing in front of a mirror, belting my heart out to my stereo, a young kid who never thought she'd be asking the same questions 25 years later.


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