Sunday, September 02, 2007

Check Out Backstage For Our Acting Ad

Flip through a copy of Backstage and you'll find the ad that I posted a few entries below...just a gentle reminder that if you or anyone you know needs acting classes...send 'em our way. That includes teenagers - and that's who I'll be teaching. If you want to check us out, just go to The Ernie Martin Studio Theatre for class info.

And thanks to Churchsign Generator for making such a cool site to whip up such cool shiznit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely FLOORED that your Father Ernie is coming back to teach........and with A KICK-ASS TEAM OF TEACHERS! This is the chance of a lifetime, so please everybody......LISTEN TO THIS COMMENT! My wee(and slightly rambling testimonial) goes something like this:

It was 2 years ago that I stepped onto the streets of NYC to try my hands at acting in the big apple. I was feeling pretty confident (kinda-sorta). Hey, I had some 27 years experience as an actor on stage and 10 most recent years in front of the camera, so....I was completely in control and had use of my talents as an actor, right??

Nope. What I had in talent and experience was lacking in "honesty of acting". I was so used to years of getting the script, lines, whatever and PLANNING. After all, I was in the world of "add water and stir"acting. I had a true love for the craft and could utilize my feelings onstage, but something was missing. I was still bullshitting my way through a good deal of it.

When I joined Ernie's class in September 2005, one of the 1st things Ernie wanted me to do was be comfortable with WHO I WAS, not what I felt I should be. That when I get the lines, don't telegraph or predetermine how lines "should" be read, but use the feeling you have and evolve from there. This wonderful man, who nurtured, but gives a hard stance of "honesty in acting" gave me the first real classical training and tools that I had needed all this time-the ability to have at my fingertips and use the emotions and TRUE feelings I have in all of my acting, confidently and much easier.
Talent is a bonus, but you've GOT to have the FEELING. Anybody who tells you different is selling you a steaming plate of.......bull-cookies!

But the TEAM they have put together is the BEST in the business:

Dianna Martin, following in her father's footsteps, but using her own awesome style, has taught many on how to tap into their emotional reservoir through sensory work, which she excels at. Any success and abilities I have as an actor now are due to Dianna and her father.

I have also worked with David Robinette, who is an incredibly gifted actor and teacher, with many, many years of experience and research. David is thorough in all aspects of acting, showing an excitement and motivation that is contagious. And I've never seen anyone more supportive.

I don't know Michael Hajek, but if he's with this crew, he must infinitely ROCK!

Again, these are my statements and experiences I'm sharing. I spent close to a year off and on in Ernie's class and never found a more nurturing, supportive or motivating group of actors-anywhere. Nor have I found resources anywhere else that were more useful to me as an actor!


Mark Simmons

12:04 AM  
Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

Far Out, D
You've got a big fan already! That's killer advertising right there...

I'll hop on board - Ernie is the best acting teacher in NYC (and one of the oldest) and I know Dave and Michael. They're great...and since they're coming from your Dad's background, they know even more so what the hell they're talking about.

You, though - you suck. I wouldn't take your class if you put a gun to my head...oh, wait a minute...I did ask you for advice for nearly every audition I've gone that. You only slightly suck. ;)

Love you

1:03 PM  

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