Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ernie Martin Studio Theatre: The Resurrection

That's right, folks, check out the image up there. That's what's coming out in Backstage next week (hell, is it this week?) - an ad for The Ernie Martin Studio Theatre as it used to be when Dad has his school in the 80's: a school of teachers with Dad (Ernie) as the Master Teacher. Kind of like how Lee Strasberg used to run his school...he would have his class, and then have his disciples teaching under him as well for the beginner and intermediate classes.

So, who do we have on the bill? Dad, a.k.a. Ernie Martin, of course, of whom I have expounded upon in depth (if you are a new reader to this blog, then please go through the archives) who has taught actors such as Sean Penn and Harvey Keitel - who has been around teaching acting for over 35 years. Lee Strasberg had some disciples who then went on to do their own thing and establish a name for themselves - and Dad is one of those people. Dad is one of the most respected acting teachers to have been handed the torch, so to speak, by Lee. He has then taken the acting craft and combined the teachings of Sandy Meisner and his own interpretations to become one of the best acting teachers since Lee and Sandy and Stella. That's all there is to it. Go to his website to see a little history about him. He will of course be teaching a Master Class, for advanced students, only.

Next, we have my buddy David Robinette, who is teaching for NYFA, and who got me MY gig at NYFA. Let me just say that David is an amazing actor to work with and I know for a fact he's an amazing teacher - he's got a great eye. I've sat in on his classes and had the opportunity to see him work. Of course I'm inspired by my father, but David has been a greater inspiration to me than I could ever give him credit for - because as a fellow student he has shown me how a knowledge of the work that we have learned from Dad and wherever else mixed with a desire to teach (when we ourselves aren't doing an acting gig! lol) can lead to becoming a teacher of acting. David never ceases to amaze me with his desire to learn more about acting so he can use it as an acting craft and as a teacher. He will be teaching beginning and intermediate classes.

Michael Hajek is also a former student of Dad's, and has years and years of acting, performing, opera, and Shakespearian technique under his belt. He has become a revered Shakespearian actor in his field and brings to his work the theories that Ernie Martin has for acting - which is why his work is so well done. Michael is a fabulous teacher and will be starting in January.

And then, there is lil' ol' me. I'm going to be teaching teens on Saturdays from 11a-1pm. I'm eternally stoked, because I have a niche with the kids. It keeps me from getting more pets at home...what can I say? I love kids - and if I can help shape a young actor at an early stage, then rock on! Jack Black, eat your heart out.

So...if you are interested in acting classes - please check out the flyer above - and call the number for an appointment.

In other news...classes at NYFA are going well. I have great kids and although they think I'm an alien, they like me. Kind of like most people I know.

Stay tuned...

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