Friday, June 29, 2007

Oscar Wilde Knows More About My Life Than I Do.

Why did you make us thus?
Why does this body crave
pleasure to such a painful limit?
We seduce ourselves by what
you made us desire.

Oscar Wilde

I ask myself this, perhaps not this eloquently, day to day as I fumble for my way along whatever path it is that I seem to be on. It is a path that has so many forks in the road that the forks have forks; I seem to be eternally confused and in my confusion I give in to my body's cravings and desires, hoping that they might sate the eternal throb of loss - the knowledge that something is missing, that I am not able to travel down each and every fork in each and every road, and so in that knowledge I visualize all that I have not accomplished, all that I've lost, all that I've yet to realize.

And so, I desire. I desire it all.

This rather morbid and somber interlude was brought to you by our elusive writer, Billychic, who has just returned from vacation - one that made her do a lot of thinking...drinking...and imbibing of said pleasures that Mr. Wilde may or may not have been referring to...and not enough writing. I quoted this bit once about two and a half years ago but it really seems most poignant for me now.


Blogger Pendullum said...

What a great quote to leave me with...
Missed you...

9:18 AM  
Anonymous coobee said...

Billychic,your discomfort comes from your road. Think of yourself on a running river, it is only your choice to avoid the rocks, not to pick the road. Desire is what makes us whole and gives us motivation to nagviagte our waters. Our compass is our core, nothing is missing, you can have it all.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Thank you so much...both of you.


12:18 AM  

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