Monday, August 13, 2007

Fare Thee Well, Sweet Yah Supreme

Friday night was Yah Supreme's last show, his "Retirement Party Gig". The sweet dude that I have known since college (yes, some of you on here who went to school with us at Washington University - THAT Ya Ya!) has decided to hang up his microphone and become a "member of the audience" as he so put it. It was amazing (as his shows always are) and we danced that night away to the smooth sounds of his voice backed by his band Brohemian, and with musical breaks by D.J. Concerned.

Let me start out by saying (too late, I've already started) that YaYa Jefferies-El (a.k.a. Yah Supreme) is one of the most talented individuals on the planet - and definitely one of the most unique and amazing people that I have had the privilege of knowing personally as a friend. This Dude is not just an amazing Hip-Hop artist, musician, singer, maestro (because that is what he does with his band, Brohemian, he conducts those brilliant bastards) and performer; oh, no. He's also an amazing actor.

I introduced him to Dale and Dale's new woman at the show (Dale was all pimped out in his suit from the Beastie Boys concert we hand just come from, but that's a whole other tale) and Yah was introducing us to this guy he'd known since High School, Daniel (I think that's dude's name). It was cool because when Daniel and I met, we were both coming from a place of having known Yah for over a decade - and formative years, at that. So we both drunkenly stroked our chins and smiled as Yah was talking about his plans. We were laughing about how Yah was SUCH a "people-person" and then telling him he was an asshole so that we wouldn't all start crying from getting too mushy.

Then I mentioned that Yah and I had been in a play together - and Yah cut me off "D, what are you talking about, we were in like NINE shows together - remember the movie, remember this...that...?" and all of the sudden I was transported back to college again, and remembered all the things that Yah has accomplished, and some of which I was a part of.

He's written and directed both plays and films (some of which I had the pleasure of being in - although Yah, I'll never forgive you for the costume I had to wear in one play you wrote/directed, I looked like Ms. Piggy; but getting to play a drunken stoner in the film made up for it). He's an amazing performer that can improv on the spot with the best of them. With his ability to think on his feet, his dashing charm, and his warmth that extends beyond the stage - as well as a great imagination that is always in overdrive working on the next project to conquer, Yah Supreme is that: Supreme.

One of the most fun times I ever had in college was staying up late with Yah the night before the Senior Party and making the music tape for the party - and we sat around and talked about life, where we were going, what were were doing, acting, getting wasted, and making sure that James Brown's Sex Machine was on the tape so everyone would drop from exhaustion from dancing at the party the next day.

Yah has decided to retire, for personal reasons - mainly, because he feels he doesn't have time to enjoy family and friends, and has always been on the go. Whatever his need to leave the music scene, if that is what makes him happy and what he feels he needs to do for his health and sanity, then God bless him. I wish him continued success in whatever he wants to do - I just hope that he doesn't stay away from the creative arts for too long - because the world needs more creative people like Yah like we need air to breathe.




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