Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Widespread Panic Was AWESOME

A couple of posts below, you'll note the Song of the Day was Widespread Panic's Coconut, in honor of the fact that I saw them at Radio City Friday night.

First I had a cocktail with my pal Eileen, who snapped a couple of pics of me before I went in. I look like a goober, but I suppose any woman in her 30's who is like a kid at Christmas about seeing a fav band looks like a goober.

Man-o-fucking-man was that show good. I hadn't seen them since the early 90's; it was such a pleasure. I was able to snap off one pic on my phone, but I wish I could have gotten more.

The seats were great (the pic makes it look like I was further away than I was) and I was sitting in front of this folks from Georgia who I started talking to. The show was like four and a half hours long, two sets, and of course they did an encore jam. I danced my ass off with my new pals from GA and re-lived my Mississippi music joy.

First of all, it was my first rock concert at Radio City - dude, I didn't know you could drink beer inside the venue? And the moment the band came on the stage people started smoking and passing around joints and I was like "where the hell am I?" because I would have worn my old faded Panic shirt instead of the little spiffier thingie...I mean, I thought I needed to spiff up for Radio City.

One thing that was cool - the beer bottles were plastic. Can you dig it? I almost laughed.

Later on, over the weekend, I emailed back and forth with an old college buddy about the show, and he reminded me that I probably at some point hung out with Panic because we used to see them in Oxford; the keyboard player is from Oxford, and was in the band Beanland and several of my old party buddies were pals with these cats - so oftentimes you would go to someone's house and there would be a jam session going on out of nowhere...and the guys from Panic would be hanging out as well...that was when I was there - and when Mike started talking about Beanland, I started remembering the places and times...

I honestly don't remember hanging with these guys, but apparently I did at some point. This is back when they were first really getting into the groove.

It's just such a great thing to see them as they are now - a great jam band that can bring out the Dead Head in all of us.

This weekend I also was introduced to the Drive-By Truckers by a new friend, and I can't believe I didn't know about these cats; but now that I do, I'm going to get on the groove. Another great Southern rock/jam band that has a great following.

Music is a wonderful thing, yes?


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