Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Song of the Day: Cracker - Low

Photo: www.crackersoul.org

Cracker - Low

from the album Kerosene Hat

I always loved this song for a myriad of reasons. I think it's very sexy...there's a raw sexiness to it that I think is one of it's strongest points combined with the fact that it's a great rock song. Of course, when it came out everyone was like "Yeah, that cool song about being stoned!" -- which seems to be the one line everyone remembers:
Being with you girl, is like being low, hey, hey, hey, it's like bein' stoned!

Of COURSE that was a fun part of the song...but I always dug the part about how the guy wants to get the girl...and how he's comparing being with her to being a euphoric high. For a hippie chick, that's like quoting Byron. LOL.

Ultimately, though, it's simply a well-put-together rock song that has all these elements. The fact that all the members of the band (those that have come and gone) are hotties is always a bonus...lol...

Check out Cracker's website for touring dates. The pic above is from a nice fan site with a similar name.


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