Sunday, August 05, 2007

NYFA, MIA, OMG: Any More Acronyms I Can Fit in Here?


Sorry to have been gone all week, I meant to post something about that fact that I GOT HIRED BY NYFA TO TEACH ACTING AGAIN THIS SUMMER!!!! last week, and then the week was upon me and all I've had time for was working with these kids and then coming home and drooling on myself. I had two separate groups of teenagers, so 36 kids; and I taught three different classes that met several times each per week: Acting Technique, Monologue, and Acting for Film and TV.

Needless to say, I was eternally stoked at being able to do something and make some bread - and have it be something I love love love.

I had to work at B&N on Saturday, though, so today was my only day off; and I was exhausted. I just hung out, with cramps, and my brain was turned off.

In other news, I saw The Police concert on Friday night and it was amazing. Perhaps Stewart Copeland was correct in his assessment of their tour on the first leg of it in his blog, which I mentioned a few weeks ago - but on Friday, at Madison Square Garden - they played like they were on the top of their game. I was flipping out, crying like a Beatles/Elvis groupie like you see from 50's/60's footage. I can't tell you what the first song was on the set list because I was in such shock at seeing them on stage for the first time. I think it was Synchronicity, either I or II, I'm not sure.

One would think that a music blogger would have her shit together a little better - but not when her icons are on stage whom she has waited to see 25 years...I felt like I had an outer-body experience, for Chrissake.

Anyway, I'll go into more detail soon - including a few half-ass shots I got off with my cell phone, but I have to get some sleep. What else is going on? I am seeing Beastie Boys this week, Willie Nelson at the end of the month; Dropkick Murphys and Lucinda Williams in September; Drive-By Truckers in October.

I will be teaching at NYFA for the next two weeks, so the gig was a three-week deal, but the next two weeks will be more like last year - I will be the scene study instructor for one group.

The kids I had this past week were wonderful, and I will expound more on that later - but I'll leave you with the fact that I had a Japanese girl in my class who couldn't hardly speak or understand English, and I wrote a scene for her to do with another student (that focused on language barrier) as well as a monologue. She was so thrilled! They all seemed to dig on what I had to say...

Jah, I rock. Heh.


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