Thursday, September 20, 2007

O.J. : If I Stole It

Let me start off by saying that this past week circus-act entertainment provided by O.J. "Motherfucker, you're going to steal my shit?" Simpson has been, for me, absolutely glorious. Any way that that crazy asswipe who got away with murdering two people can get into any kind of difficulty with the police is just another day in amusing paradise for me.

One GREAT place to get your voyeuristic "Watch Simpson Sink Like the Fucking Titanic" groove on is at, of course; Seth Abramovitch is keeping us apprised on all of the Joy.

UPDATE, 9/21:
Just for the record, as anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a rabid fan of Mark Lisanti, I missed the yum yum that he posted earlier about the initial TMZ video - even though I assumed that they had it up somewhere on their site, because those two watchdogs don't miss a fucking thing. All he does is really just post links to the TMZ vids of the O.J. confrontation, but of course adds a little Lisanti groove that made me snort my morning coffee through my nose because I was laughing so hard. As usual.


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