Friday, September 21, 2007

Political/Environment Roundup: Yes, I'm Still Bitching About the Polar Bears


Some of you may remember, or notice by looking down a few posts, that I went on a rant (following Suburban Guerilla's lead) about the fact that the Polar Bears are facing their extinction possibly by 2050, or at least by the end of the century.

Interesting, that although it just really came out in the media about this, wrote a great post about it back in December of 2006.

I'm making another little ditty about this horrific problem, however, because, the "Save the (fill in the blank)" site that often puts together petitions about the environment and other issues and then sends them off to people in congress has put one together concerning this issue...

You can check it out HERE.

Although many of us think that signing our name to something doesn't mean a damn, especially in light of elections that seem weird and voting machines that find their way in people's trunks...but everyone's opinion matters - if they make it heard.

If I'm going to sit here and bitch about the Polar Bears, at least I feel like I'm doing something about it. Anyway, go check out Care2's site; they have everything from Save a Critter to Breast Cancer. They fill up my inbox with tons of mail, and to be honest, a lot of it I don't have time to read - but this one, I did.


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