Monday, September 24, 2007

Got Sexy?: Royal Pink at Piano's Tonight!

Royal Pink, a chick band that is all about being naughty girls. They ROCK OUT - and like to embrace their sexuality...these chicks put their Pussy where their mouth is. Er...wait a minute...did that come out right????


The first time I saw them was at a BUST party in Brooklyn, and they were a hoot. I bought a T-Shirt for chrissake. That's love.

So go on out to Piano's tonight and catch some Girl Sex Power!

11pm $8
Corner of Ludlow and Stanton, take the F/J/M/Z to Delancy/Essex

From the email/flyer I got:
And of course, we do so love our fans coming out and giving a big ol' F.U. to the working world in favour of getting naughty with us that we
are offering FREE CUPCAKES! In addition, we have a door prize: PORN!
We're giving away two naw-tee DVDs: Kama-Sutra: The Secrets to the Art
of Love (including 3D glasses!) and Trial Run: Adventures in Romance
(Baroness von Pink gave Trial Run a trial run and votes it two basses
up!). Pop-punk, pastry and porn: how could you say no?

Royal Pink


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