Thursday, October 12, 2006

Possibly one of the most hilarious concepts - and sites - that I have seen in a while... is a site where you can let someone know anonymously that they have some kind of issue - as the header of the site reads:

Any time when someone has that killer breath, bad BO or anything else they
need to be reminded of, turn to your anonymous email notifier.

Of course, if they get an email from you, there's a good chance they might know who it's from...I just sent about 10 out to people I know...and I'm sure they know it was from yours truly.

That's what happens when you are sick and have no send anonymous email messages to people telling them "...Someone that cares wanted you to know that your teeth are so yellow, when you close your mouth your eyes light up."



Blogger Maritza said...

That's great! I have many many that I'd like to send.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

Appreciate the coverage of my site, glad to help.

3:31 PM  

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