Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Plane Tragedy in NYC

So, I have to go to the doctor today, and I'm in an elevator of a high-rise building in midtown Manhattan, waiting to get out onto the 29th floor. The man next to me has pressed 24. As the doors open onto his floor, he says, "There's a good view of the plane crash from the windows on this floor - did you hear? A plane just crashed into a building on 72nd street."

I looked at him, shocked, and just shook my head. I was able to choke out "Really? Do they think it's terrorist-related?" before the door shut and I kept going up.

In those few seconds before the door opened onto my floor, nine floors higher than what the plane crashed into, I have to admit, I had a bit of panic reminiscent of what I felt in the days right after 9-11, when I would ride on the subways or go anywhere that I felt a terrorist might decide to strike next.

My next thought was about my parents; they live in the Seventies, but on the West Side - thank God, but they might have a had a doctor appointment I didn't know about...
I'm trying to dial as I make my way into the reception area of the dental office, and I'm so frustrated; all circuits are busy.

All the other New Yorkers who are worried about family are trying to call and check as well.

I eventually got through and got their answering machine - but I wasn't really too worried; they forget and turn down the volume and turn off the ringer a lot - so they could very well be there and just not hear my call. I got a message later after the appointment was over (doc thinks I have a cavity, great) from my parents saying that they were okay - and just didn't hear the phone.

I am so, so sorry for any victims of this tragedy - at this writing they just changed the dead count from 4 to 2 - so at least two less people are dead so far...and it looks like the Yankees have their worst loss to date: possibly one of their pitchers, Cory Lidle...
I hope they find him alive, and I hope that no one else was killed.

The only comforting thought here is that this doesn't appear to be terrorist related at all...
But I think, with all the deaths caused by those little itty bitty planes, that they should do away with anything that small for air travel. And people who fly them, who are self-proclaimed aviation enthusiasts should be required to study flying for several years before being allowed to fly one on their own - if at all.

My most recent ex told me that he flew little planes, little hanglider things, all kinds of shit - but I know it's because he had addiction problems and was always trying to find a bigger and bigger rush - and I think that's what it's all about; the rush.

That's all good and groovy, but those damn things aren't safe. For the people flying them and for the people on the ground...or in buildings.


Blogger Pendullum said...

Glad you are safe...
And my stomach just dropped when I was I saw the wreckage...
Can not imagine being there and the panic you must have felt.

10:30 AM  

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