Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dining Review: Vera Cruz Mexican Restaurant in Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Yun Cee Ng

So, in honor of my newly accquired single status - and actually divorced status, since my divorce came through the same week that I broke up with my most recent boyfriend - I decided to take myself out to dinner at Vera Cruz mexican restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Bedford Avenue, about two to three blocks south from the Bedford L stop. They have a nice atmosphere, a fun bar, and an outdoor area in back - perfect for spring through early fall.

I've been here before, and I've had good food...and I was in SUCH a Mexican mood. As I exited the L train onto Bedford Avenue, I just knew that THAT is what I wanted. They have a dinner special for $7.50 from 4-7pm that includes a healthy-sized entree and a soup or salad. They also have pretty good drink specials during that time as well.

The chips and salsa were nice - authentic and the salsa was super yummy. And they aren't chinchy, either.

From their dinner special menu, I chose the Chicken Enchilada with the salad. The salad was so skimpy and the lettuce was shredded...it almost wasn't worth adding it to the menu, but I suppose it was enough to con folks into thinking they'd had at least some raw veggies for the day.

I also ordered a side dish of guacamole. That's a nice thing at this place: often, especially if eating alone or if only one person really wants guacamole in a group, you're forced to order a large - and often expensive - appetizer at a lot of mexican restaurants. Here, the offer a side dish you can get that's good for one, that's a couple of bucks cheaper.
That said, the guac was WAY too spicy. I could dig it, but it was hot even for me - and I like spicy food. They should either tell people up front that the guacamole is spicy, or else offer a milder version that you can choose.

The chicken enchiladas were AWESOME. The chicken was all chunky white or light meat, and the enchilada was packed full. The cheese was the right amount; the mole sauce rocked: tangy but not too spicey, full of flavor.
The beans and rice on the side were average.

Dessert, however, was a major disappointment. I ordered flan. I know flan...it's one dessert that I am well-versed in. I have eaten it in restaurants all across the country, have had authentic and fancy; have had it prepared by family and people right off the boat in my own kitchen. Spanish, Mexican, Puerto Rican. This flan left a lot to be desired: lemme cut to the chase - it sucked. I don't know what they were trying to do with it, but it was runny, with no substantial form. A few parts were congealed but I was more concerned that it was because it was rancid than properly made. To add to the rancid concern, there was a lemon/citrus accent to it that was less flavorful and interesting and more just a concern that the damn thing was bad. Then they disguised this catastrophe of cuisine with tons of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. WTF?

I had a few bites and had to set it aside.

The maragaritas were good, but unless you order a flavored on with a bright color difference, like strawberry as opposed to peach (what I ordered) you won't know the difference between the flavored (a dollar more) and regular. Granted, it's a good margarita, but my peach margarita did not taste anything like peach. Maybe I'm just too foo-foo, but if I want a girly drink, gimme a girly drink - especially if I'm paying a dollar more.

The service was EXCELLENT, however. The waitress was a darling (and she was so gorgeous - nice and pretty, what a great combo) and the busboys/manager were helpful. That isn't always the case...from what I remember from other times...but like I said, the Margaritas are rockin' so after a while you don't really care...

Main meal: 8
Dessert: 2
Service: 8
Atmosphere: 8.5
My weight after eating there: None of your freakin' business.


Blogger lilfeathers2000 said...

Never thought of Mexican/Texmex food in New York. Sounds like humidity was high the day the flan was made.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Yeah, there are actually a few really good ones here in NYC...I'll probably review another one at some point.
Humidity? Far out. I never thought about that as a factor.

Thanks for reading!

4:45 PM  
Blogger Pendullum said...

I laughed at the end...
Weight at the end of the meal...
None of your freakin' business..
By the way... My daughter who is nine just loves I'm Waiting on the Man...
If anything I am giving her an education!!!

3:13 PM  

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