Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nina's Catster Page

Nina is still in critical condition, but they called me last night and said that her blood pressure is up (yay!) and that her glucose levels are down in the 200's, whereas they were off the charts in the 1000's before.

If you would like to visit her Catster Page, please do so.

I'll have Songs of the Day up again soon, as well as tidbits of my madness; I think the first thing I'll write about is animal diabetes and what to look for, followed by WHY THE FUCK THEY CHARGE SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY FOR VET VISITS AND MAKE YOU DECIDE BETWEEN NOT PAYING RENT AND PUTTING YOUR ANIMAL TO SLEEP - (pause for brief sigh) but right now I hope you continue to puruse my archives and read Ornery Woman and the other links to the right. A latest one is, which is very entertaining and a hoot n' a half. Don't forget to stop by Jump in the Ocean, as well. For lots of mp3s, please visit Pure Mania. I would add the html here, but I'm damn tired, so just look to the right for the link.

My animals are my children, and although I consider myself a full time blogger, they come first. I'm on little sleep, lots of tears, and a few beers...and homer go sleep now.

Thanks for your thoughts, love, best wishes, and understanding.


UPDATE: I screwed up the html on that because I was half-blind from crying. The page is and I fixed the html on here.



Blogger Maritza said...

It sucks that it's so expensive but, lets compare vets to doctors:

* vets call me to make sure that everything is ok when I've brought Kitty home

* vets explained everything in detail and shared test results

* vets are punctual with their appointments

* vets gave me their honest opinion when things weren't going well for Tammy

* the vet CRIED! while Tammy was being to sleep

* doctors hardly know your name and they have never ever called me at home to make sure I was okay
* doctor has never given me free samples or talk about alternative treatments
* doctors have kept me waiting, naked in that paper gown, on the table for over an hour

For these reasons alone, my vet is worth every penny.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Yeah, you're right.
The vets that I have right now are really, really good; they are rooting for her and really seem to care. They have been keeping me informed and let me go in and sleep with her for a little while.

The problem I have are the fucking prices. God! $40 to just give a shot; $60 for the actual stuff in the shot. Things like that that are costing me about $2100 and we're only on our third day of hell.

In other news, Nina looked a little perkier, but her liver is damaged...we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for your support, Maritza.


8:19 PM  
Anonymous Gabriel said...

cool blog.the cat is cute.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Pendullum said...

I am sending warm thoughts your way...
Make certain you look after yourself...
Nina is in good hands...
Post to let us know how you both are faring...

2:48 PM  

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