Friday, August 25, 2006

Confessions: A Rather Addictive Internet Space

A couple of the folks who are the brains behind (and I'm sure just damn good bloggers) have put together a very cool and addictive blog called Confessions which is basically a place where you can post a confession about something - totally anonymously.

The addictive part is not so much confessing (I even left a confession!) but reading the other confessions. You can even rank them, as to how far out they are, etc...

It's fun and entertaining. Like watching gladiator death matches, accidents on the side of the road, and flinging insults to the police officer writing a ticket on your parked car (causing him to get angrier and write more offenses)...and it's not your car.

It reminds me of the lame site that Secret antiperspirant tried - I always wanted to write in "I like to watch midget porn" or something on their site...

But this is cooler - it's totally anonymous. And it's not linked to deodorant, for chrissake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE that blog.

i visit once a day

2:22 AM  

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