Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Labor Day! Roy Wood, Jr. Style

Wait - that is the holiday this weekend, right?

Whoa - I need to seriously take a break. Sorry to be MIA for a couple of days - I'll be out of town, but will try to get online at some point...

I leave you with a prank phonecall made by Roy Wood, Jr., a hilarious comedian whose shenanigans include doing prank phonecalls from radio stations, pretending to be outlandish characters.

The people he calls, however, are the ones that are the real characters.

This one is my favorite: when he pretends to work for the government and calls a woman in Alabama to tell her that her Social Security check is going to have to be reduced...and just listen to the shit hit the fan.

This is some seriously hilarious shit.

I present:

Or, you can just play it here - just click the play button (if it comes up correctly in your browser):

"I'll skin your ass like I skinned that catfish last night!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everytime I listen to that audio I laugh myself into a headache! It is sheer genious! I feel sorry for anyone who dares cross that lady!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Neech said...

Now that's gangsta. This was the funniest prank call I've ever heard. Not a Tommy, Jamie, or Ricky can beat this. Ole girl need to have her own show if you ask me.

12:24 PM  

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