Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blossom Vegan Restaurant Revisited

So, despite the nasty-ass heat wave we've been dealing with here in New York City, I decided on a whim to take a walk and have dinner over at Blossom, a vegan restaurant where my dear pal Robert is the manager. Some may recall that I wrote about this lovely little organic haven of delectable vegan cuisine in a post a little while back, dishing out praise over their awesome chocolate cake, organic wines, and yummy veggie side dishes.

I'd like to take a moment, if I could, to express how FABulous their field green salad is. I think the name sucks, personally, because it doesn't do the dish justice at all. If you check out their menu, you can see that it's really a mixed green salad with grilled pears (they have some kind of delicious sauce, or maybe it's just the au natural juice from the fruit, but it rocks), miso tofu (that is marinated and cooked - dude, this stuff is incredible; I could eat it by itself) and candied walnuts. The dressing is spicy and delicious.

I think some kind of title with reference to the groovy pears would have been neat. I have worked in several restaurants in my life, and two of them had their own "pear salad". Each was tasty - but nothing in the world like this.

I've been making it a habit to go over to Blossom about every week or two, because I find that as I try to make my diet healthier, it's just easier to do if you get food that is not only healthy but YUMMY. I get one of these salads (I accidently got the large salad yesterday and got a little too stuffed - they don't skim on the servings) and one or two glasses of killer red wine, and I'm done.

That, and of course, I get to chat with Robert - one of my best friends, fellow actors, and former co-star.

So please go in and visit Blossom vegan restaurant- there are all kinds of yum yum on the menu and if you haven't eaten vegan before it's no sweat; you won't miss the meat and dairy.

Robert only owes me $60 now; please remind him to pay up when you see him.


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