Friday, July 14, 2006

Teaching at the New York Film Academy

Sorry to be MIA for a few days, but some exciting things have happened (and some good old fashioned family obligations, etc):

Mainly, I just got hired by the New York Film Academy to teach a one-week scene study class to high school students next week. I was going to take a few days off anyway for vacation, but now I'm also going to get to teach, make some bread, and possibly start a new career path that I've wanted to do for a while.

Anyhoo, this week was a jumble of suddenly getting asked to come in and audition/teach a mock 20 minute class; trying to get my act together for said mock class; and actually doing it and getting hired. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The teaching I've done is when I've taken over for the Ernie Martin Studio classes when Pop has been out of town or unavailable...or critiquing scenes in my theatre company and some other workshops. Teaching strangers, and kids to boot, is new unchartered territory...but I know I can do it.

Acting is one thing in my life I know a lot about - I've been around it all my life, it's in my blood. And it's something I'm passionate about. Now, to transfer that passion to teenagers...

I've had the gift of studying most of my life, in one way or another, with a man who has taught acting to greats like Sean Penn, Harvey Keitel, Calvin Levels, Ann Wedgeworth and Lorraine Bracco. The same way that many gifted teachers have learned the Craft from their teachers (the way Dad learned from Lee Strasberg) I have apprenticed with a great teacher. I'm not saying that I'm great yet - but I know what the hell I'm talking about. More so, I bet, than a lot of the folks you see with ads in Backstage.

How's THAT for tootin' my own horn?

I must say, formally, that this might not be possible if it wasn't for my friend David Robinette who is a teacher for NYFA. He's an amazing actor that I've had the privilege of working with on projects, and whom I look forward to collaborating with on others. Also a fellow student of my father's, he is a great actor, great teacher, and great friend.

In other news, I also have to go to my niece's one-year birthday party tomorrow, and I must leave tonight to go to their house in Westchester, so I'll be MIA until Sunday.


Blogger Maritza said...

Excellent! If a teen is taking a class during the summer, it's because they have the interest. It should be a great learning experience for yourself too. Have fun!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Pendullum said...

Came across your blog today.
How did the mock class go?
Was it what you expected?
Sounds intense...
But maybe not as intense as a one year old's birthday party?
Have fun!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Thanks folks! I'm eternally stoked about the class - the mock class was terrifying but exhilarating.

My niece's bday party was also insane - my brother and sis-in-law threw a party for 70 people...and I helped set up. The margaritas made it all possible...

7:38 PM  

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