Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Little Acting Teacher That Could

This last week (and the weekend) was such a whirlwind that I didn't get to write about how the class turned out; the kids (that sounds so patronizing, but they are teenagers after all) had to perform a scene at the end of the week that I would be directing, and we would film it and play it back for them and I would go over their performance. It all turned out great.

In short, the kids loved the class - and they loved me. Well, at least 99%. They handed in their teacher reviews, and I was allowed to look at them later: all but one circled "inspirational" as the description for me (the other one I got was "good") and most left comments like "I learned so much in Dianna's class" or stated that scene study was their favorite of their classes.

At the graduation ceremony (of which I was suddenly informed that I would have to make a speech at later on that evening) I got emotional and stated, as I wiped away a few tears, that I was very proud to have been their teacher because of the level of growth and commitment they had shown in a week's time.

As I walked away from the stage my class stood up and applauded, screaming "we love you, Dianna!!!"

This was an amazing experience, and I'm proud of myself and of the kids. They totally rocked. I just hope that the folks over at New York Film Academy hire me to teach the adults now; because I think I could really shine there. I love teaching the kids, but I feel that I still work with one hand tied behind my back because I can't maybe express myself completely the way I'd like to or use scenes I want because of their age.

One thing that I found eerie and groovy at the same time was that as I really got into it with the students, I found myself becoming more and more like my father; I think at one point I even sounded like him, minus some of the colorful swearing.

I think I have found my calling.


Blogger NYCbeauty said...

WOMAN: I am so proud of you. As someone just discovering her calling as well, I can honestly say YOU rock.
You deserve all of it.

9:18 PM  

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