Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Neverland is Open for Business

I'm actually really suprised that Jackson got off (er...) without being found guilty for anything, even serving alcohol to minors (which, if I was under 18, I wouldn't consider that a crime)...but I'm not surprised he got off of the charge completely. Just goes to show what a little celeb status can do.

My Dad said to me yesterday, while I was sniffling and weeping about all the crap I was complaining about: "Well, kid, it could be worse; you could be Mike Jackson - looks like they might convict him, and he's so damn fragile, you know he couldn't handle prison."

Yeah. The idea of being afraid to drop the soap for about 10-20 seemed a lot worse than my day of angst.
Then, of course, Mike got off (er...) and so I was back to feeling like crap again, but I digress...lol

I was a bit torn; I know he's a perv, but I really liked him so much as a child...to bad for me I was female, otherwise I could have gotten him to buy me a car or something.

Anyway, kids, looks like the Ranch is Open for Business!!!!

image thanks to Mark Lisanti and defamer.com

Whiich, by the way, please read what Mark Lisanti and Defamer.com has to say about Mike's comback

it's fucking hilarious.


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