Monday, March 14, 2005

Re: Blogblast from the Past: Control

Once again, men never cease to amaze me. One of my compadres was so precious...he was concerned that he was the cause of some of the angst in this blog that I wrote in January...
1) I'm so thrilled that people are reading this besides myself and the circus clowns that I have hired to constantly hit the refresh button;
2) I'm so touched (uh, a little to the left) that someone was concerned enough to write me about it...

Often I write about how men are the spawn of satan and the bane of my existence, etc etc, blah blah...well, not ever really that bad, but...truth be told, some of the best friends I have and have ever had were men, and were it not for them I would've gone nuts a long time ago. Well...I am nuts. I mean bad nuts, like the chopped almonds on a sundae in one of those restaurants that have 45 health food violations kind of nuts.


Blogger Wally said...


I kinda feel like I'm coming in on a personal post, but what the hell; you go, Girl! ;-)

9:17 PM  

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