Saturday, October 20, 2007

Song of the Day: L7 - Shitlist

L7 - Shitlist
One album it's on is Bricks Are Heavy

I swear...this is one song that I adore, if for no other reason than whenever I get really pissed off at someone I can just play it - and it seems to say everything that I want/ed to say to that person in question...and perhaps I didn't. Like the 50-something year-old sax musician in CT. who was supposed to be my friend, but whom I found out was lying to me for 3 years about his an angry, catty, mean little man who enjoys talking about me behind my back to others and seems shocked when I bring it to his attention that yes, I know what you said! why on earth would you talk about me that way?

So, to all the folks whom, as of late especially, have really put a thumbtack in my ass, this one goes out to you. With interest.


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