Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Global Warming: Column A or Column B?

My friend just posted this up on my Facebook profile funwall and it totally blew me away.

Like I have maintained many times before on here, I am very independent and moderate in my politics. This is not because I'm a pussy and can't make up my mind; it's because I find aspects of both main parties to be completely full of shit, and I also see some wisdom in some of the ideas of both parties. Unfortunately, we only have two to really choose from when it comes down to it, and those two are so radically different from each other and from what they were supposed to be 40 years ago. And not in a good way, either.

But I digress.

One thing that upsets me about some people's opinions on Global Warming is that they link it immediately to a specific political party or agenda. So, no matter what is said about the subject, they assume that it's coming from "a bunch of leftist whackos" and don't want to discuss it. Or, that every argument is valid because of the other extreme. I wish people would just put aside their politics for just a second and think about the fact that there is scientific evidence - even by the scientists who work for our own government - that proves that the climate is fucked and we're fucking it up; and the rate of fuck-upage is steadily increasing to a point where it won't just be our great-grandchildren that will be fucked, but it will be US that are floating on a rock in the middle of Noah's second flood.

No matter what your stance is on global warming and the problems that are going on with our climate and its effect on our planet, I think anyone watching this video above will have to admit that if you look at it from the video-maker's point of view, which is really taking politics and everything else out of the equation and just showing a numbers game of possibility, even the most anti-save-the-world/climate person might say "You know what? those odds are interesting."

It's like a 7 minute video, but very educational. I don't know the guy's name, but he made me think. So, thanks, Dude; and thank you Dale, for forwarding it to me.


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