Friday, June 09, 2006

Newstex Showcases Regional Blogs in Press Release

Newstex, which has added Blogs on Demand to its very popular News on Demand, recently sent out a press release showcasing regional blogs that they are now licensing for feed. One thing that makes Newstex so different from other companies is that they include the entire text of the postings as well as a hyperlink to the site; they package the feed of blogs to clients after they have added name and keyword tickers to make it searchable; and they offer the bloggers 30% of whatever is made plus insane amounts of exposure to closed environments throughout the world, such as Wall Street companies, educational institutions, entertainment venues, and government organizations.

Pretty sweet.

A few bloggers listed in the Newstex press release, which was focusing on regional-based blogs, included some of my favorite bloggers, such as YAL and Coyote Gulch. Though not mentioned in the press release, probably because his blog is not focused so much on regional matters but on secular ones, Non-Prophet is also licensed by Newstex. You can find him highlighted on their site. Other great sites that are licensed but not on this particular PR groove are Defamer (and we all know I love Mark Lisanti), Gawker, Wonkette,Gizmodo (well, pretty much all of the Gawker Media blogs) and the Corante web hub which includes the blogging/web 2.0 rockstar Emily Chang.

Again, pretty sweet.

More versions of this press release about Newstex and licensed regional blogs can be seen below.

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