Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beer for Bags: Crumpler Bags New York

Sangrante just shared this freaky, hilarious site with me a few moments ago: Crumpler Bags - Beer for Bags!, which is a promotion that Crumpler Bags is doing...

You spin a wheel, find out what kind of beer you have to buy a case of and what you'll get for free, lug it to their store, and drink with the staff! June 3rd - 11th. You can get all kinds of cool stuff. I just spun the wheel and if I bring a case of Sapporo and a bottle of soy sauce, I'll get a free SEXY laptop bag. And I'll get to drink.

Fucking genius!

You also have to dig the bizarre banjo psychotic mumbling music they have in the background - in a way it's also fucking a hillbilly lunatic kind of way.

You have to check out their regular website: Crumpler Bags - the flash is great, the site is so cool, the merchandise is sexy and the music is amazing. Freaky, man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I heard about this promo. . . If you haven't gone by Friday afternoon, I'll totally go with ya! Megan/mama needs a brand new bag. . .


2:28 PM  

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