Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Lil' Apology for Mistakes As of Late

I've been trying a new schedule in an attempt to fit in more blogging with my two jobs, theatre company, pseudo acting life, and the insanity that is my existence. In doing so, I've started getting up earlier and making writing/blogging my first thing in the day, in the hopes that I will be sure to get a post in on here as well as Ornery Woman, and maybe even over at MySpace.

Before I've even had my coffee. Or walked the dog.

In doing so, some of my latest posts have been written or html-coded while I've still been clearing the sleep out of my eyes, and as a result, there have been some misspellings (um, three s's in that?), shitty html code that leads to bad links (because of COURSE I try to do my own code so that I can feel like the supreme Billychic), and some basic incoherent babbling bullshit when I think I'm actually going off on an intelligent diatribe.

So, I apologize. I promise to have coffee BEFORE I get online, to avoid embarassing myself any further.



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