Sunday, June 04, 2006

Alien Water? Isn't That the Name of a Stiff Drink?

While reading Non-Prophet today, I saw he posted an article from Popular Science that was intriguing, to say the least.

Apparently, a physicist working in India may have found the closest thing to aliens that we've had proof of (well, if you ignore zillions of sightings, all the info about Area 51, and get the idea): reddish rainwater that seems to contain microbes from outer space. These microbes seem to be able to replicate themselves - but they don't have DNA, which is what is required to do that in life as WE know it here on lil' ol' planet earth.

Yeah, sightings and Area 51 aren't proof, but I think we all know that something outside our planet has knocked on our door, you know? There are just too many people, even folks inside the government, who have experienced something. Even when you eliminate the nutjobs, attention whores, wanna-be filmmakers and practical jokers, you still have a whole lotta folks who are like "Um, I saw the damn thing."

Back to our stiff alien cocktail. It's interesting, scary, and groovy, all at the same time. They're going to conduct more tests to prove it really does/doesn't have DNA...and once they do, if it IS found to be something we can't explain that isn't from our planetary zip code, you can be sure that the government or whomever powers that be will no doubt step in and hush the whole damn thing up.



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