Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bryony Gordon 's Golden Arches

I read a post at the U.K.'s Telegraph today that had me in stitches. Bryony Gordon wrote a post about Prince Charles attacking the McDonald's food chain and how ridiculous it is that people blame McDonald's for the rise in unhealthy overweight people in the world - not the people themselves for walking in and asking for a Supersize, or for parents who teach their children that eating fries with every meal is a norm - not an occasional treat.

I didn't agree with everything in her post - for example, I think it's cool that Mickey D's has added a few healthy things to the menu, but I can understand her point of view when she says:

"...It shouldn't even be encouraged to sell healthy food. Who goes to the golden arches to eat salad? You go there to eat fat when you're feeling a bit indulgent, but I don't know anybody who eats there more than once a month, and if they did, would it be the fault of McDonald's?..."

Hell, I suppose I can even agree with that a little... It IS the kingdom of indulgence...

What is really a hoot are the comments from angry people who complain that she "has the audacity" to write something like that about Prince Charles...or that she is condoning unhealthy eating (she starts off talking about how yummy Mickey D's is).

I think that her point is simply this: that by simply suggesting that we remove fast-food restaurants we won't get rid of the problem. We'll simply be removing people's right to indulge when they want to. People have to take responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming others for the reasons why they are 400 pounds...

Sure, I'd like to blame the awesome Polish bakery around the corner from my crib in Greenpoint as the reason why I recently put in 30 pounds, but I know it's because I sat on my fat ass watching Stargate SG-1 and shoveled in about two of their fabulous pasteries a day in my mouth while stuck to my futon. That, among many other foods...

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