Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dylan Hears A Who!

Ever since my last marriage, although I've always enjoyed and loved Bob Dylan, I've had a difficult time listening to him too much over the last two years because so much of what my ex-husband wanted to listen to was Bob.

Bob this, Bob that. Almost every music concert we went to was Bob. We saw Bob Dylan in concert probably about four times together while we were married, and who knows how many other times he went that I bowed out.

So nowadays, although I of course dig the mastery of Dylan, I turn the dial more often than not; like someone who used to like chocolate but ate too much and now can't eat it; or, like Alex in A Clockwork Orange, who just associates too much sensory overload with the music of the composer, I can't fucking take it.

This, though, is priceless. is absolutely, brilliantly hilarious fun - it's someone in the voice of Bob Dylan (sounds just like him) singing the words of Dr. Seuss...including the Cat in the Hat.

Check it out - it's great.

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Blogger Pendullum said...

I was to meet a few of my friends at a local bar for some live music and as luck would have it I arrived early... and I alwyas like to sit at the bar when I wait...
and in walked this guy... and we started to talk about the book I was reading...The Razers Edge... and I remember telling him how sad I was as I was going to be leaving 'Larry'... And we talked and talked, he bought me a drink, and then my friends arrived... I invited him to sit with us, but he was shy... and he said he had to set up...and then his friends showed up...and his friends were part of the 'act'
Well, he got up on stage and sang...
and then it dawned on my who he was... It was Dylan...Not Robert,,, But Dylan...
My friends said...'What would he be doing at the bar we were at in Canada?'
But I just knew...
They kept saying that he was the WORST Dylan impersonator...
and to my utter delight the next day, in the papers... a HUGE write up on Dylan... playing at the bar I was at...

5:13 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

That's an amazing story - WOW. I hear he's such an interesting person to talk to when you get a rare opportunity such as that...coolest of cool beans!!!


5:40 PM  

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