Sunday, February 25, 2007

Robin Rice Lichtig and

Due to the fact that I have been dealing with BPV and Vestibular disorders for the past several months, one part of my life that kind of partially went out the window was my memory. This was also followed by keeping up with my blogs - Voodoo Jive and Ornery Woman.

I had promised Robin Rice Lichtig, a fabulous playwright who has an amazing website that showcases excerpts of her work as well as provides actors and theatregoers with a calendar of events, that I would add her to our blogroll and forgot to do it...

So it is there now, and I ask that any and all women interested in theatre please stop by Robin's website. She is friends with Sportive Tricks and is someone invested in the theatre community.


I know I can't rely on the "I was sick and am taking meds that make me forget shit" excuse for too long, but in this case, it's the


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