Monday, December 11, 2006

2nd Annual Holiday Artists Sale At SODA Bar in Brooklyn


My friend Mike puts together local artist's craft fairs about twice a year - and during the winter, he has them at the SODA bar, at 629 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn. They are really great - they always have crafts by people who are not just talented craftsters, but they are also local artists from the New York area who do a different spin on their work.

The dates are December 14th - 17th; weekdays after 7:30 and weekends 2-8. A pdf version of the flyer is HERE.

Mike n' Karen

For example, my friends Mike and Karen work as a team. He creates amazing collages that are mind-blowing and all done by hand (not photoshopped), but they are so perfect they look photoshopped, but better, because even high tech programs sometimes miss that personal touch. Then he scans the collage and resizes the images for various articles of jewelry. Then Karen comes into the picture, beading and making gorgeous items that include the artwork done by Mike.

High Quality.

Fancy Her Wares?

The results are breathtaking. I have a beltbuckle with Mike's awesome artistry, and a pair of earrings that are miniature prints of his collage with beautiful beadwork done by Karen. They also sell cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets. You can also talk to Mike about purchasing the collages themselves to mount on your wall.

At this holiday craft fair you will find other crafters as well who ROCK - like Kerrigan Kessler of KTK Handbags...and you'll find many, many others. It's really easy to get to, in a groovy part of Prospect Heights.


Craftin' Rockstar


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