Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jessamin Swearingen: Essays on the Emergence of Punk In America

Every now and then I do searches for my friends or myself in all of our various forms (online tags/nicknames, real names, etc) and I came across a much older site with some essays composed by one of my best friends, Jessamin, titled, We Created It, Let's Take It Over: The Emergence of Punk in America. I had read them before, but seeing them again really made me so proud of my friend.

Jessamin is not only a web-designing wizard, she is also a teacher and an expert on music history; specifically, that era of the late 60's early 70's that found the Punk wave hitting America right between the eyes.

Her essays have been used in such books as Blondie, From Punk to Present, by Allan Metz. She is a fascinating, wonderful person to talk to - always opinionated and able to cross reference musical genres and eras in an effort to make a point or answer a question.

If you are interested in reading informative essays about Blondie, The NY Dolls, Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, and the bands and people that were the first wave the Punk scene and movement in America as well as the relationship to the British punk wave with bands like The Sex Pistols, then please check her writing out.


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