Monday, April 24, 2006

Build Peace - Artemesia Pax - Save Our Internet

On her blog Build Peace Artemesia Pax ( I dig that name, considering that my name is Diánna and was named after Diana/Artemes) writes about how the telecommunication corporations are going to try to take over the internet, and regulate fees for it, and basically take away the rights of one of the bastions of our freedom - the information cyber highway.

I have been hearing about it from and other places, but in finding her site tonight it hit home for some reason...

Please check out her blog and sign the petition to save the internet from greedy corporations.

It's easy to say (and I often do) that not a speck of what we do matters in the eye of the storm called corporate greed and absolute ruling power, but that isn't quite so; at least we can go down with a clean conscience that we tried all we could.


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