Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool - Yeah, That's Me.

I always get fooled, every April 1st. Last year it was MATTY who got me really good, convinced me the innocent documentary we filmed about his life story got mistakenly mixed up with a porn tape, causing a room full of senior citizens to have coronaries.

Yep. I wanted to kick his ass as he later said "Hey, I was just kiddin' D...April Fool's!"

Of course that was after I had totally flipped out, thinking that I had accidently pulled a Trainspotting tape switcheroo, causing my friend to forever go down in the Hall of Shame with his relatives, who were expecting a tape about the effects of cystic fibrosis, and instead caught somebody getting buttslammed into next month. I called friends who had been with me when I transfered the tape from digital to vhs, I backtracked my steps...scratching my head, I was horrified that I had caused such mayhem.

"But Matty," I said, woefully, "I swear, I've never even filmed a porn tape."

At least, not on my camera.

He played it like a shark, sounding upset and mildly pissed; he and his wife came to see me in my play, but this man is the true actor. Then the peckerhead calls me like an hour later...

" you good didn't I? April Fools!"

Ah, good times. I still have the scars from the self-flagellation that I endured during that long, painful hour.


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