Sunday, March 05, 2006

Morrie Sinkins - Hit & Run Victim

...Is a friend of mine that was hit by a truck in Manhattan on Tuesday in the early evening. There is no police report. I'm assuming there was a witness, because the doctors know she was hit by a truck, but she was a Jane Doe, lying in the ER getting surgery in intensive care, her skull cracked open like a fucking watermelon. Where that witness is now, God only knows. Maybe it was the person who ran her over.

This must have happened somewhere in the village or chelsea, for she was taken to St. Vincent's hospital. I visited her there yesterday. She's out; I thought it was a coma, but they put her out to keep her from moving. She has huge staples all through her head, everywhere, like fucking train tracks. I brought her a small, stuffed pink dog.

Her mother and brother flew in from Canada. The police have not helped at all - they refused to file a missing persons report despite the fact that friends and family were concerned that someone with meticulous habits of getting back to everyone and their mother when they get calls and not standing people up when they have appointments suddenly never showed for work, never called anyone back, and never met with friends for scheduled dinner dates.

After two fucking days as a Jane Doe, the hospital thought to click through her cell phone to call people she might know...gee, ya think that would have been a good idea to do right off the bat? I wonder where her purse is...maybe with the motherfucker who ran her over, who may very well have friends in high places if NO POLICE REPORT WAS FILED and no one even taped off the street. You have a woman plowed down by a fucking truck and NO COPS do anything?

If anyone knows anything, please contact someone at St. Vincent's or something... hell, leave an anonymous tip with ME, for chrissake.

They don't know if Morrie is going to make it. I'm praying...this is the 2nd person in the theatre company to get hit by an oncoming vehicle - thank God Jack made it through okay...although 25 operations and limited mobility and not knowing if he'll ever walk the way he once could is not really okay. At least he's alive, and at least he's walking...

God Bless you, Morrie.


Anonymous pstock said...

Good afternoon,

I knew Morrie all through highschool and University days and still live in her home town.

Is she OK?

Thanks in advance,


2:16 PM  

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