Friday, April 07, 2006

Newstex - Legit? : Continued

Okay, I apologize for flying off the handle yesterday, I was a wee bit menstrual. Forgive me. I think I used the word "Fuck" one too many times in relation to something that might be read by folks that I was actually writing about...not at them, necessarily, but at the irony of the situation. Please note: this may be the only time I apologize for anything on this blog, so dig it.

Actually, the folks who really burned my ass were not the folks at Leftyblogs so much, but these folks at Metafilter; well, at least the dude who said self-importantly, "well, I told them to screw off."
Good. Now you're blog will get a little less exposure, meathead. That will show you to be a rude fartknocker.

Part of what burns my ass is that I see a situation that could be really good for both parties: the bloggers that are writing interesting material that could always use a little more readership (because hey, that's why most of us write, otherwise we'd hang out at home, write in a diary, and toss it in the closet), and Newstex, who is a cool company offering a cool, innovative approach to taking bloggers to a new level of exposure.

A couple of other sites to offer legitimacy to this company are:

I understand that there's a lot of weirdness out there...hell, some asshole just tried to steal my identity from a credit card of mine the other day when I purchased a groovy new laptop bag from

However, this company is legit and worth the tumble down the rabbit hole. I guarantee you.


Blogger James Landrith said...

I enjoyed both of your entries on Newstex. I recently signed with them after taking a little time to research them. As you know, several high profile bloggers are included in their commentary listings - some I've been reading or known for years. The fact that they require an SSN/EIN is not a big deal to those who know anything about affiliate agreements and independent contracting. Most of the affiliate/commission based programs I've participated in online have required an SSN/EIN for payment purposes.

I too was amused by the "screw off" comment left by Messr. Paranoia at Metafilter. Folks should really try to do a little research before make such presumptive declarations. I took the time to actually call the individual who emailed me from Newstex. Wow. We actually had a real conversation and stuff. But hey, if one blogger wishes to fly off the handle and lose it, then that's one less blogger in the mix to steal my thunder...

2:14 AM  

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