Friday, December 02, 2005


Okay. Uncle. UNCLE, I SAID!!!!

I swear I haven't been this stressed in a long just simply reminds me what a lazy fartknocker I've been, I suppose...although I didn't THINK I was being lazy.
Tomorrow the show goes up - just three scenes, but I get so nervous performing in front of people. I cried before I had to do my monologue in class...Christ.

This whole week has been insane. Totally, completely, insane. Some bits of it were AWESOME insanity...
*The author pauses with a big grin on her face*
And other parts of it were just sheer horror-show insanity. Like work. WTF? How did it get so busy?
Annie's play is so stressful for me, I don't know why...I think it's because I'm so close to both the playwright and the director, that I don't want to fuck it up - but hey, as long as _____ forgets his lines too, then I'm set. LOL...that sounds terrible, but I'm being honest.

If I can just pound hours out for the p/t gig on Sunday, I should be okay. Tonight I'll only get about 6 in, and I'm still short about two. Fucking holidays...oh well.

Last night I had a fabulous conversation with Clint, my old buddy from Mississippi - well, he lives in Florida, but I went to school with him and dated him in 'Sippi. It was so wonderful to talk to him...he's one of the most amazing guys I know.

I also had a few moments of sadness this week - the owner of Maria's Coffeeshop, Nick, passed away last night. I just found this out this morning. The guy has been very kind to me, in a paternal way, giving me advice about men. He would say to me, "Hon, you remind me of my younger daughter. She is divorced and trying to meet men, and it's hard for her, too. You can't settle...pick a good one."

I wonder what he'd say about the foolishness I've gotten myself into this time? I don't want to

Well, Nick, Rest in Peace, sweetheart. You leave behind a whole bunch of customers, as well as family and friends, who miss you.

In other news, my scene partner and pal M. and I finished our scene and it went pretty well...that is the hardest part I've had to play...besides Jane in Veaux Carre - another fucking Williams play. Well, Williams is my favorite, for a reason - the characters are complex; each one a symphony in their own right. M. has had to leave class for a while...I hope he comes back. He's good people...and we seemed to connect well as friends. I hope his old lady is cool with that. There are so many asswipes in the world, it's nice to meet someone nice - and someone from the South, Mississippi, no less! The shit all comes full circle.

Now Robert and I will start our attempt at Fool for Love - which is more about us than anyone really knows...and Jack and I will begin Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Two men that I love so much...

And J. keeps calling and text messaging's really cute. I just wish he'd get his ass into the city...I miss him. I really have to take a look at what I'm doing here...I'm sort of involved with three different men right now and they are all involved with other people. I think that says something about how fearful I am of committment? Who knows...I was a Psych minor, not major...

Okay, time to make the doughnuts.


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