Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Too Much On My Plate...and I'm Not Full Yet

Yep. I've done it again. Found myself running around like the proverbial chicken without its head because I just can't say NO.

That's okay...I'd really rather be nuts, bitching about how much I'm doing with no time to do it, than sitting around with my thumb jammed up my ass waiting for something to happen.

Two gigs...three men (yeah, right, if I really had three men I'd be on a date right now instead of writing this blog)...and more acting scenes than fruitcakes in the Whitehouse. I'll tell ya - I bitch about it...but I love it. Variety is the spice of life, and I get bored very easily...as I often say on MySpace, I am like a gnat with ADD; I may actually have it, although I'm sure I could find many things wrong with me if I really really looked hard enough...and I don't think any of us want me to do that.

Only problem is that I'm really tired today...and I still have so much to do tonight. I feel the damn cold coming back, and my back is killing me - thanks to the acrobatics of the weekend. LOL...Yep. Gumby ain't got nothing on me.

Speaking two gigs, the new one is very cool, and I'm just trying to get the whole "working at home" thing down, along with carving in time during the holidays. This T-Day weekend was rough, and I'm still short a few hours. Hopefully tacking them onto the following week won't be a problem for my bosses. For an explanation of what my job entails, check HERE.


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