Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Ernie Martin Studio Theatre

This is the only place to go for acting classes, my friends...

If you or someone you know is interested in taking acting classes, has had a decent amount of training, and is interested in going to an intermediate to advanced level; if the interest is in Lee Strasberg/Sandy Meisner/Group Theatre Method; if you want to study with a Master Teacher, then:

check out www.ErnieMartinStudioTheatre.com -- my acting teacher and my father. He is teaching classes again - and is one of Lee Strasberg's original Master Disciples.

  • Studied under Lee Strasberg - and then took over several of Lee's classes on both coasts.
  • Former Artistic Director of the Actors Studio (West Coast)
  • Taught special workshops at Washington University in St. Louis with the New York Actors Studio
  • Taught a Master Class at the Burt Reynolds Theatre in FL
  • Over 30 years of teaching
  • Alumni (either in class or coached) include Sean Penn, Harvey Keitel, Lorraine Bracco, Jeff Goldblum, Chaz Palminteri
  • Has directed actors such as Christian Slater, Bruno Kirby, Anthony Edwards

Check it out!

And, you'd be in class with yours truly.



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