Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Nightmare Before Turkey

To quote an email I wrote a pal this evening, this is a summation of my Thanksgiving 2005 weekend:

I'll be lucky if I don't have to butter the door to my apartment to fit my ass through it. I had THREE different Thanksgiving meals to go to this year, over a three-day period, and I was sent home with enough leftovers to feed a small country. If I have to look at another turkey or candied yam any time soon I'm going to hurl.

Which, I think covers most people's sentiments about this very special and gastrically distressful holiday. I'd like to point out that all meals were awesome; my sister-in-law cooked a damn good bird, as did my pal R., and the sides and company were delightful. I was overjoyed to see my nephews and new niece, who are the apples of my eye.

The actual day of T-Day was spent with my parents and our family friend Jack (who is also a fellow acting student and an inspiration to me - I'll explain that in another blog). We went out to eat at a groovy old establishment in Midtown, whereupon my father and I proceeded to drink two bottles of wine between the two of us and argue heatedly; Jack and my mother smirked and grimaced respectively, as small bits of turkey projectiled across the table from my father's and my mouths - a testament to the vehemence with which we debated our points.

What the hell we were talking about, God only knows.

But hey, what would the holidays be without a few tears as well as laughs between family? If you care to see what I wrote while still drunk from this lovefest of white meat, you can see it at my MySpace blog.

The highlights this year:
1) Almost losing my skirt because it was too big (I'd lost weight! Hooray!) and baring my ass to the entire restaurant
2) The really really REALLY hot waiter who helped me score the label off the bottle of wine at said restaurant
3) The wine at said restaurant; a delightful '97 Chianti. Jesus, it was good.
4) My friend's cat pissing on my knapsack at her house on Friday
5) Watching Pride and Prejudice (my Mom rocks; she gets movie screeners because she's on the Academy Awards board) on Friday, I don't even think it's out in the theatres yet. Bad part was after it was over I sobbed and sobbed and had to take a Xanax to get to sleep.
6) Seeing my Mom and Dad and my Brother's family get along so well.

Winner of the "This Part Sucked on Thanksgiving" Award:
My ex-husband didn't call me until today, with some really lame-ass phonecall. I mean, really lame. I can't believe he completely didn't call me on Thanksgiving. Or the day after, although I called him. In short, he can bite me.

Overall it was pretty good. Except...I was a wee bit depressed again this year. No doubt, being on my period had something to do with it.


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