Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Happiest Medium - Retro Look; Intuitive, Creative Insight

There's a new site in town - and it's got a lot of promise! The Happiest Medium is a review site dedicated to the Arts (with an emphasis on Theatre and Film) that also includes features, information, and creative snippets (Antonio Miniño's :Wo(Man) in the Window is a creative, entertaining spin on photography and fashion).

Editor Karen Tortora-Lee (formerly editor of Neighborbee), her husband Stephen (who brilliantly designed the site), Antonio (Editor of the currently dormant The Fab Marquee), K.B. Abele, and yours truly are staff contributors, with a few others joining this fall, and some others like playwright David Stallings as guest writers.

I suggest you make your way over to the site and check it out...it's what I really wanted to do a long time ago with a blog (either Voodoo Jive or Ornery Woman) but just never had the time/ability. Ever since I've gotten back into the theatre scene and began putting a lot of time into acting, directing and teaching, being able to regularly post on and develop websites have just not been a priority for me. I loved being on the staff of The Fab Marquee, and an thrilled to be a part of The Happiest Medium (as in finding the happiest medium between all of our favorite arts).

Go check it out!


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