Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reno 911! Canceled...Yet Another Fav Show Bites the Dust

Of course this is belated news as well, but some of you may not know: Reno 911! has been canceled - and we aren't even going to get a farewell episode. Now, the cast change for season 6 probably had something to do with it - getting rid of three of the original cast members (especially Clementine and Garcia) was a mistake; they were totally fucking hilarious. But who can resist cracking up to Dangle in his shorts? If you miss Dangle, don't worry - you can keep up with him (Thomas Lennon) on Twitter.

Although it will most likely be ineffective, there is a "Save Reno911" group where you can sign a petition, etc etc...and hell, why not? They even have a little logo to embed on your site.

Adios, Reno - I'll be doing a post soon about my fav episode - Reading Ron - with Brian Unger.


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