Friday, January 23, 2009

Song of the Day: Is It Over? I Just Had a Post Removed on Here by the DMCA

So I pop on over to check the stats on my site and lo and behold! My recent Song of the Day post, which featured U2's Vertigo and a nice pic and the usual link to songs, was removed.

I found an email from Blogger telling me my ass was in trouble with the DMCA and I had to remove the song...but they just went and took the whole post down.

So...unfortunately, because people SUCK...and because the music industry is so worried that one little song being given away for free will cause issues (even when the link is provided to buy the album and a little history is given about the artists)...I've had to hide my server with the tunes. So...the next time I post a tune it will be up for a day or so - if that; it might have to be truncated. I have to talk to my lawyer and check out what my right are on here.

Although I haven't been posting a Song of the Day for a while, I was just getting back into it again...and then BOOM. They dropped the curtain on me.

Oh well...I'll figure something out.

Thanks to all of you who listen and check out the blog - and who still send emails regarding posts from even two years ago. Sorry the mp3 had to be moved...but I can't afford a lawsuit right now. I'll have to play it by ear...blogger hinted at taking down Voodoo Jive if I continue.

How much does THAT suck?

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Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

You've got to be joking???

That is ridiculous.
You poor thing - I know you enjoy your music. You know more about it than most people I know.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Little Pecker of Enid said...

I used to buy about 3 DVDs a week and about 10 music CDs a year before the RIAA started their crap suing little old ladies and everyone they decided was sharing their music. So far I’ve kept about $20,000 over four years in my pocket and figured out ways to download everything safely in protest. You know the collection I had and you know the collection I have NOW. Thanks to the RIAA I’ve saved a boatload of cash and have more of THEIR product than ever!!! Even if I get their threat letter and $3500 settlement statement I’m still up over $15k.

7:07 PM  

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