Sunday, August 23, 2009

Robot Cats and Electric Sheep

I thought this article was fascinating this week...and one of my favorite parts is that they actually talk about the correlation of a robotic cat to Phillip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - the story behind the cult classic (and one of my favorites of all time) Blade Runner.

The simple idea of having a robotic pet - and one that can assist the elderly, for instance - is entertaining, fascinating...and a little scary, still. However, for those who are older, who just can't make the commitment to a live animal for fear that they may not outlive the pet - but yet are still lonely and need something besides the sounds of their tv or radio to keep them company (I can totally fucking relate), then perhaps it's a good idea. Especially if it has devices that can alert medics, etc to help assist said elderly individual. still ain't the real thing.

Although it's not as disturbing as a possible I, Robot, scenario, with someone running for their lives when the humanoid electronic buddy decides it's payback time to the strains of Won't You Be My Girl, Sally by The Police in the background, it still gives me pause.

Hey, I'm a tech geek, a sci-fi nut, and interested in all of this very much; but I'm also an animal activist. I just hope that something like this doesn't give the planet earth incentive to say it's okay to continue doing lab experiments and euthanize animals if their response is "well, hell...we can always make one out of a tonka toy kit." Hopefully that won't happen in my lifetime, or our children's...but if things keep going the way they are, more than just polar bears and bengal tigers are going to be extinct.


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