Friday, May 01, 2009

MTWorks: The Oath - Now through May 10th!!!

Hello, Everyone!
Sorry to have been MIA, but I have been in another play lately - The Oath, produced by MTWorks, directed by Cristina Alicea.

I'm working with some wonderful actors: Anthony Crep, Sarah Chaney, Louise Flory, Maureen O'Boyle, and Robin Madel...oh, yeah, and me.

Jacqueline Goldfingers' The Oath is a Southern Gothic tragedy set in the midst of the Great Depression. A wandering preacher is ensnared in the political and social games of a rural Southern town ruled with a macabre sense of justice by two rival families.

What it's really focused on, and why it's so relevant even now, is how difficult it was for women during The Great Depression. Women could not be preachers or reverends back then (and the attitudes have changed very little since then, as we heard from our talk back speaker on Sunday) and two daughters of an ailing reverend are struggling to find a MAN to replace him...but at what cost? It's a play full of the lies that have to be told in order to actually get by and live.

It's a great show, and I'm so happy to be a part of it. If you are in NYC, please go to and get your ticket and come see the show! Only $18 to see the show...and if you read BUST magazine or their website, look up The Oath on their blog and see what kind of discount you can get! 'Cause the BUST chicks know a good play when they hear about one!

Please leave them a comment and let them know you came by to say howdy - and I hope you come to see the show!

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