Friday, June 01, 2007

Song of the Day: Van Halen - Hot for Teacher

Van Halen - Hot for Teacher

from the album 1984, arguably one of the best rock albums of the century, and certainly one of the most definitive albums of 80's rock.

I love love love this reminds me of a few teachers I've had (hehe...yes, I was always the Lolita in the class; a precocious girl who gave her teachers a run for their money and the hot ones an even...harder time)

One that comes to mind was my Spanish teacher in 11th and 12th grade...because he flirted with me right back. He was a single man in his late 30's, handsome, very eccentric. It was AP Spanish, and we used to go to the park and eat lunch and talk in Spanish the whole time...One day I was totally flirting with him and we were sitting on the wall at Riverside Park. He had announced that he was not returning the following year. I was in 12th grade, and had already turned 18...and would be going off to college. I said something like, "Well, now we can start our affair," and he spread out on the wall, laid down with his head in my lap, looking into my face. He had to look past my breasts to do so. I was a bit shocked, especially since a group of students were not that far away.

"You look good from this want to repeat what you just said?"

It was an interesting end of the was a nutjob, but I miss Andrew.

I found out later when asked by other male students if he and I were having an affair, he said "Yes!"...even though we never really did. Well...not, details...


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