Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Southern Culture on the Skids! At the Mercury Lounge, NYC! Tonight!

If you want to get your groove on, I suggest you join me and the other chicken-fried cool mofos down at the Mercury Lounge around 9:30 to boogie. Actually, I suggest you get your ass there much, much earlier to buy tickets or just order them online to make sure they don't sell out.I was in line a couple of days ago getting extra tickets and there was a line of people behind me asking for SCOTS when I was walking away.

I have a possee of about 6 or 7 folks going...I would love it if we got a legion of bastiids to walk in there and give these folks a Yankee welcome they deserve...I love these guys. They are truly one of my very favorite bands (well, if you know me, then you know that already).

So please join me and a gaggle of pals as we invade the mighty Mercury Lounge tomorrow evening to throw down with the Hillbilly Rock Lovefest known as Southern Culture on the Skids....

You can check them out at
also at

I'll leave you with a little tune of theirs that's one of my favs...

Eight-Piece Box from the album Dirt Track Date (which is my favorite of theirs)



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